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AFMTE - Online Training Update
February 2015  
AFMTE - EL115 New Online Training Course!

EL115 - Gaming and Simulation in Online Learning

This course will provide you with strategies and techniques to immerse students in an interactive environment that will incorporate gaming and simulations to introduce, engage, and reinforce online learning. This course will begin with definitions of gaming and simulations as a tool for online learning and will provide guidance to evaluate, implement, and assess the effectiveness of games. >>>

AFMTE - ED125 New Online Training Course!

ED125 - Effective and Efficient Instructional Strategies

Planning Effective and Efficient Instruction provides new and experienced teachers with practical ways to design and deliver learning experiences that establish an environment that facilitates learning. The course summarizes important academic concepts while providing specific strategies for planning lessons, reaching learners, asking questions and assessing student mastery of the course and program objectives. >>>

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AFMTE - CI103 Free Soft Skills Tutorial

CI103 - Creative Thinking and Idea Generation

Creativity helps us solve problems and make positive breakthroughs. We all have the capacity for creativity. However, our thinking styles can boost or limit our creative ability. This tutorial describes how we can boost our creativity and outlines various methods for idea generation. >>>

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AFMTE - 3 Reasons 3 Reasons Why Some Employees Hate Training and How to Change It

Most employees enjoy the opportunity to learn and are eager to participate in training to advance their careers. So why do some employees hate training and how can organizations prevent this from happening? Read Full Blog Article >>>

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AFMTE - Member Benefit Member Benefit

Members receive discounted Online Training for school administrators, faculty and staff with a Member VIP Code. Each course is self-paced, and offers 4 hours of continuing education credit. Not a member? Contact your association to join today.