Chyrl Ayers

Chyrl is a founding partner and Vice President/Chief Operating Officer of Global Financial Aid Services, Inc., one of the nation's largest financial aid service providers. She has specialized in the administration of Title IV Programs in the post-secondary education industry for the past 28 years. Chyrl started in the Career College field as Director of Financial Aid for a chain of ten colleges and moved up through the corporation, ultimately serving as Corporate Director of Financial Aid. Prior to Global, Chyrl served as Director of College Operations for the Student Finance Service Center at Philips Colleges, Inc.

Chyrl is a highly respected member of the financial aid community and her approach to the administration of Title IV funds has and always will be to make sure the student comes first. She has served as co-chairman of the Program Committee for the Mississippi Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators and has presented topics on Title IV Administration for several State Associations of Private Postsecondary Schools and State Associations of Student Financial Aid Administrators.