Cindy Bryant

Cindy Bryant has over 15 years of experience in career education and serves as an author and facilitator of compliance training courses for MaxKnowledge. She was formerly the Compliance Analyst and Regulatory Affairs Specialist for Concorde Career Colleges. In her position at Concorde, Cindy monitored state legislative and regulatory activities, assisted in the preparation for accrediting visits, conducted internal audits, as well as initiated new policies and procedures. Cindy was instrumental in the restructuring of Concorde's compliance program in accordance with federal guidelines.

In her previous positions, Cindy served as a regional Campus President at-large for Anthem Education Group where her responsibilities included the transition and development of new Campus Presidents. Cindy has also worked for Kaplan Higher Education as the Executive Director of the Kaplan College in Dallas. Her earlier positions in the career college sector include Director of Education and Director of Student Services. Cindy has a bachelor's degree in social sciences from Texas A&M University. Her other interests include real estate and support of organizations helping children with Downs Syndrome.