Course Testimonials

Good course and I have a number of tactics to apply in my school to improve retention. Nice job!

I am looking forward to implementing some of the techniques learned in the course.

Good general information,learned some new ideas which will help me with retaining students in the program,thank you

This course gave me a broader understanding of the school as a community from admissions to graduation. This is a great study of what it takes to retain students from start to finish as well as its effect on school growth and success.

The course was very informative and stimulated my thinking about retention strategies.

Very helpful course.I would recommend it to any career college instructor .

I enjoyed this course. I am sure that I will benefit from knowing more about the retention process and how to use this information to benefit the students.

I really enjoyed learning strategies to help retain students. Now I feel more confident with different approaches that can be used in the admissions process, during orientation, in the classroom, and through Career Services. It takes a whole team of staff and academics to save students who are at-risk.

I believe that everyone should take this course because it shows the connections between departments in regard to student retention. Well-done!

This course reinforced the fact that retention is and should be a school-wide focal point. Lots of good points reminding me of what a vital role each department plays in student retention and success.