Course Testimonials

Really helpful and motivating!

EL109 is a must for all online teachers! As facilitators, we will all have a time where we need to either write or refine existing rubrics within our courses or departments. EL109 adds that extra enhancement and clarifies any misconceptions to creating a dynamic rubric for the online environment. The course even provides external websites from which to draw information and ideas to create a rubric perfect for your setting.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and learned a great deal about rubrics and their use in classroom and online.

This was a very helpful course! I am a very strong believer in well developed rubrics, and this will help me take mine to the next level.

This course was a very effective tool for helping me understand how to assist the students in learning the objectives in a course. This can be accomplished by providing clear, effective rubrics in order for students to have a clear understanding of the expectations of the course and assignments.

I really enjoyed reading the information on building a rubric. It made me think of ways that I can incorporate this into my class as a scaffolding tool for my students.

Course was very informative and will help me in developing better rubrics.

This is one of my favorite topics so I was able to learn the material quickly and effectively in this format.

Great class! Helps to understand how rubrics for our classes are built

I really enjoyed this course and is probably one of the most relevant in my line of work. The structure is very good and it is very informative. I like that outside resources about rubrics were provided as I will surely use those. I took notes and learned a lot and I hope to implement it in my future classes.