Course Objectives

RT103 - Implementing Successful Student Retention Strategies

Owners and directors of educational institutions are always looking for the magical ingredients to improve student retention. There are at least six easy-to-implement retention strategies that can make a difference in whether a student graduates or drops out. These include efficient admissions procedures, great orientation programs, effective mentoring, student friendly classroom involvement, fabulous graduations, and successful placement. Upon completion of this course, participants will have specific easy-to-implement retention strategies to put in place for every area of their institution.

Module 1: Retention Starts in Admissions

  • Describe the importance of enrolling students who are likely to succeed in the industry for which they are training.
  • Develop qualification checklists and applicant self checks for each program.
  • Train admissions representatives to use the qualification checklists and self checks as admissions qualification tools.
  • List other retention strategies to use during the admissions process.
  • Measure results and make changes.

Module 2: Orientation and Mentoring Affects Retention

  • List reasons for conducting student orientation programs.
  • Create effective student orientation programs.
  • Examine ways to set up formal and informal mentoring programs.
  • Discuss the concept of mentoring as it relates to retention.
  • Determine what form of mentoring, if any, can be instituted in your school.
  • List the qualities of an effective mentor.

Module 3: School Involvement Affects Retention

  • Address the concept of academic and social integration and its impact on retention.
  • List methods for students to bond with each other.
  • List methods for students to bond with each other.
  • Explain how to build in retention and intervention strategies into the student experience.
  • Create great graduations that have retention and public relations value.

Module 4: Integrated Career Services Affects Retention

  • Explain how career services plays an important role in retention efforts.
  • Describe why career services and employment skills training helps students to clarify goals and values.
  • Assess how career services and employment skills training is a way for students to get in touch with their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Determine why job listings motivate students to persist in training.
  • Promote the value of effective career services departments to retain students.