Course Objectives

FA110 - Developing an Efficient Financial Aid Office

This course provides a blueprint for running an effective financial aid office in an educational institution. You will learn to optimize the performance of your financial aid office with a minimum of waste, expense, and unnecessary effort. The course covers the cornerstones of an efficient financial aid office: timeliness, accuracy and customer service. You will also be advised of pitfalls to avoid in the realm of Title IV compliance. You will learn the key points to building an effective business office processing procedure. Reports and notifications required by the Department of Education are also explained. In addition, you will be given pointers on preparation for the annual Student Financial Aid audit and alerted to the most common triggers for Department of Education Program Reviews.

Module 1: Timeliness, Accuracy & Service

  • Inform contacts provided by the Admission Office with complete information on opportunities for Financial Aid.
  • Process applications and documents in a timely manner.
  • Remove obstacles for a student not only enrolling in your institution, but completing the program and becoming a supportive alumni.

Module 2: Business Office Processing

  • Identify the requirements and procedures necessary to obtain funds awarded to your students.
  • Recognize Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) documents.
  • Calculate the Return of Title IV (RT4) funds.

Module 3: Reports and Notifications

  • Describe the changes that require Department notification and approval or just notification.
  • Recognize the actions that may trigger a Program Review.
  • Determine the major Fiscal Reports required for compliance with Federal Student Aid regulations.

Module 4: Student Financial Aid Audits

  • Assess the distinctions between Compliance Audits and Financial Statement Audits.
  • Recognize when and where you have to conduct these audits.
  • Identify who can conduct these audits.
  • Determine appropriate remedies for problems uncovered in these audits.