Course Objectives

RT101 - Improving Retention through Timely Intervention

How many times have we said “if we’d only known” as a student walks out the door? No one starts classes planning to fail, but unfortunately problems do arise that present barriers to success. Students are good at identifying these problems blocking their path to success, but they frequently don’t have adequate problem solving and communication skills needed to overcome these problems. This course looks at the effect of stress on attrition, the use of tools to identify and help students at risk, and how to develop an institutional culture that shares responsibility for student success across the entire organization.

Module 1: Retention Basics

  • Determine the importance of retention, assess its impact on different constituencies and relay the message that retention is the responsibility of all school associates.
  • Differentiate among methods for measuring and monitoring retention rates.
  • Discern fact from myth about retention practices and align your institution's retention efforts to the expectations of your students.

Module 2: Understanding Attrition

  • Recognize how students react to stress including the stages of the General Adaptation Syndrome.
  • Utilize the paradigm effect to help modify student behavior and introduce practices to improve students' perceptions of themselves, school, and workplace success.
  • Examine how school commitment affects academic stagnation, academic erosion and student persistence.

Module 3: The Dynamics of Intervention

  • Improve ways of identifying at-risk students.
  • Use the survey and vertical probe techniques to help determine student issues.
  • Describe the intervention cycle and apply the eight stage intervention process.

Module 4: Building Your Retention Program

  • Assess your institution's retention related practices.
  • Identify and implement strategies that yield improved retention rates and build on student success.
  • Initiate an effective and communication-based retention improvement program that involves all departments within the institution.