Course Objectives

CM105 - Beyond Compliance: Doing the Right Thing

This course is designed to give you a clear and practical understanding of the federal and state regulatory standards that govern the conduct of your institution and correspondingly underlay the performance of your job. The purpose of the course is not to train you to be a regulatory expert, but to provide the information you need to do or say the right thing when interacting with both prospective and enrolled students, as well as the consequences of doing or saying the wrong thing whether by mistake or with intent. More importantly, the course emphasizes that 'Doing the Right Thing' is more than compliance and supports the mission and values of your institution. It ensures that we provide an environment of trust where prospective students receive the information they need to make informed decisions about their education. In short, it helps us help our students change their lives.

This course is intended for members of the Coalition for Educational Success. The course includes The Standards of Responsible Conduct and Transparency promulgated by the Foundation for Educational Success.

Module 1: Do the Right Thing

  • Relate your personal values and expectations to our students and your job.
  • Incorporate Our Mission and Values and describe their impact on your job performance.
  • Become aware of regulatory oversight as it relates to your school.
  • Apply the Standards of Responsible Conduct and Transparency.
  • Identify the consequences of doing the wrong thing.
  • Recognize why doing the right thing is the foundation for competitive success.

Module 2: Create Transparency | Marketing and Disclosures

  • Understand direct response marketing and advertising practices/standards.
  • Adhere to Disclosures and related regulations.
  • Recognize the importance of communicating educational program expectations clearly.
  • Identify specific requirements for communicating completion and graduate employment outcomes.

Module 3: Create Transparency | Representations

  • Recognize and thoroughly comprehend the nature of Misrepresentations.
  • Describe specific areas of the United States Department of Education's focus on Misrepresentations.
  • Identify admissions and financial aid prohibitions.
  • Understand competitive Misrepresentations.

Module 4: Other Important Regulations

  • Understand prohibited inducements and incentives.
  • Act in accordance with the Do-Not-Call guidelines.
  • Act in accordance with the CAN-SPAM guidelines.
  • Identify prohibited locations for admissions.
  • Review student right to privacy and FERPA.